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The evolution of the online gaming scene has brought major improvements in the way we both interact and play with the games that are offered by online casinos. It is a cycle that has repeated several times in the past, and recently with the introduction of Bitcoins as an online cryptocurrency, has taken another step of reinventing the genre.

The idea of being able to play your favorite gambling titles online was made possible by the early 90’s with several companies opting to utilize the potency of the World Wide Web. Several years later, players could download a software pack and play a host of games contained within, by a certified software company.

Further improvements have been made with the use of Flash and Java scripts that allow for playing games in the browser of the player’s choosing, without any downloads required.

Lastly, mobile gaming has been introduced as a way to always be able to stay in touch with your favorite gaming hobby, even when on the road.

Bitcoin casinos are undergoing the same phases as the “traditional” casinos, though at a much faster pace. Their start was marked with a more barren and simplistic approach to the design and game(s) on offer, with no support or bonuses, provably fair technology for fairness and the strongest suit of Bitcoins – instant, secure and anonymous transactions.


Most Bitcoin casinos have their own proprietary, in-house casino software built specifically to their own needs. At the beginning of the Bitcoin craze on the market, online casinos that followed the trend were cautious enough to probe the market first and see the reactions of the targeted audience.

This meant lower investments and equally plain offer. The pioneering Bitcoin casinos were (are) quite simplistic in their visual presentation and offer of games. Some only offer one game for players to interact and play with, which is a practice virtually unseen in traditional casinos.

Most Bitcoin casinos still favor this approach even today, with software and games made entirely using HTML5 and utilizing provably fair technology. This is an embedded program within the code of the game which grants proof of the casino’s fairness, by giving the player a data string (code) that can be matched with the result of the game that will prove there was no predetermined outcome.

The landscape of the Bitcoin casino scene is changing however, with more and more brands accepting greater variety of games, better graphics and more appealing visual presentation. Since the complexity of the games is also going up, they are accepting different technologies for fairness like the RNG (random number generator).

Types of Instant Play Games

Instant play Bitcoin casinos vary in their library of games, though the majority favor the “fewer the better” approach. The older and more numerous Bitcoin only casinos are all instant play and offer just a few types of games (some have only one game). These include dice games, roulette games, betting games, bingo variations and others.

Most of the games found on instant play Bitcoin casinos can be quite unique, since they are utilizing the element of chance, by offering very low house edge and taking greater freedom in the game play department.

While most titles you will encounter are simple enough, some have interesting progression systems that task players to reach certain milestones to unlock better rewards and so on.


No download Bitcoin casinos can be quite stingy when it comes to offering bonuses and promo-deals to their players. The idea is that since their games and approach is simple, there is no need to “hook” players with more attractive deals.

Still, this isn’t to say there aren’t Bitcoin casinos online that do not have some sort of a bonus – this can be either a milestone jackpot, deposit bonus or a “recruit a friend” promotion.

Security and Fairness

One of the great advantages of instant play Bitcoin casinos is the online safety – with virtually no log in information required (apart from maybe an email address), you can use your Bitcoin wallet address to conduct instantaneous and secure transactions with the casino.

Bitcoin casinos have hot and cold storage wallets for their Bitcoins in order to keep an even better security and make sure no data loss ever comes between their players and the transfer process.

Provably Fair technology as described earlier is there to ensure all games are fair and the casino does not rig the outcomes.


Bitcoin casinos that require no download to play are easily accessible, secure and provide almost instantaneous money transfers. What they lack in games variety and bitcoin casino bonuses, they more than make up in innovation, performance and convenience.

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