HTC’s Blockchain Phone Adds Bitcoin Support

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HTC, once a top-5 phone maker, hasn’t been doing great recently. The company lost its place on the market due to emerging companies such as Huawei and Xiaomi plus major players such as Samsung and Apple. Still, the former Taiwanese giant is refusing to give up, finding innovative ways to attract new customers.

You’ve probably heard about HTC’s crypto phone which has been in the news recently. The Exodus 1 lineup of blockchain phones will be a full-node on the Bitcoin blockchain. The flagship Exodus 1 phone launched last year, and this month, HTC announced a new cheaper version of the flagship called Exodus1s.

More important, the company has announced that the Exodus phones will come with Bitcoin support and a pre-installed BCH wallet. That’s exciting news for Bitcoin owners and even more exciting for Bitcoin gamblers.

The Most Serious Player on the Smartphone Crypto Market

HTC’s new partnership with shows that the company is serious about its crypto intentions. The partnership goes both ways – HTC’s Exodus phones will come with a pre-installed Bitcoin wallet, while has added both phones on its website. If you already own the device, don’t worry – the company will push an update that will give you the app.

This isn’t the first blockchain-enabled phone in the world. Swiss company Sirin Labs released the world’s first blockchain phone last year with HTC’s announcement coming shortly after. The phones acts as cold storage for Bitcoin wallets and allow its owners to communicate securely with others. HTC’s phone has another trick up its sleeve – it will double as a full node. The devices will act as a distributed point that validates and relays transactions on the blockchain. And no, that doesn’t mean that it can be used for mining.

The introduction of Bitcoin e-wallets on HTC’s phone is great news for the online gambling industry. Since moving online and then to phones, players can now enjoy a world of games on the go. Bitcoin owners couldn’t deposit with the digital currency before, but thanks to HTC’s and Bitcoin’s new partnership, now they can.

Bitcoin On the Go

This is a great opportunity to see HTC re-enter the smartphone market again. The company sure needs it. While Apple, Huawei, and Samsung have locked up the smartphone market, the blockchain-phone market is almost untapped. Apple is interested in cryptocurrencies just like Samsung, but they’re yet to announce a blockchain phone. This is HTC’s chance to enter that specific market and if its lucky and sales go wild, it can re-establish itself as one of the major players.

Apart from allowing Bitcoin owners to store the cryptocurrency and use it on the go, it presents a great chance for gamblers. Since the app comes pre-installed on the phone and it is blockchain-enabled, you don’t need to install fishy third-phone apps. Just use HTC’s official app and you should have no trouble. At least we hope so.

Mobile Bitcoin gambling is becoming more and more popular, and with Bitcoin support being added to new casinos, the world seriously needs a blockchain-phone. Now that we have it, let’s use it to its full potential.


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