How to Bet on the World Cup with Bitcoins

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Fifa World Cup 2014 Logo The FIFA World Cup 2014, the world’s greatest football event, is just around the corner, and sports bettors hope to profit from the event. Since the number of sports bettors who bet with bitcoins is on the rise, one can expect the volume of bitcoin betting activity on the FIFA World Cup 2014 to be very huge indeed.


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Getting Started

Players who want to bet on the World Cup with bitcoins should first know some basic bitcoin facts. First, they need a bitcoin wallet, and getting one is something that takes just a minute. Second, they need to get some bitcoins in their wallet so that they can deposit them at an online bitcoin sportsbook. Bitcoins can be accepted as payments for services or goods, purchased from friends, or bought at an exchange. Third, they need to find an online sportsbook that allows customers to make deposits and bet with bitcoins.

Armed with an account at a reliable bitcoin online sportsbook, bettors can easily bet on the World Cup with bitcoins. Although betting on the World Cup is fun, bettors who want to profit from it should think carefully before placing their bets. They should thoroughly research each team and player, check out the match statistics, study various picks and tips, and read the latest World Cup news.

For instance, a news report says that Brazil is the World Cup favorite as it is very difficult to beat the Brazilian team in their home country. Simultaneously, the odds presented at Betfair indicate that Brazil’s chances of winning the World Cup are around 23 percent, while Spain and Argentina have a 13 percent and a 19 percent chance of winning, respectively. It is also worth noting that nobody has beaten Brazil at home in the past 12 years. Keeping oneself updated on the latest World Cup news helps bettors place well-informed bets on the World Cup.

Advantages of Bitcoin Sports Betting

Those who bet on the World Cup with bitcoins can enjoy a lot of freedom as they are using cryptocurrency that is controlled by neither banks nor governments. A bitcoin address can be obtained absolutely free of charge and there is no need to worry about transaction fees as they are either too minute or non-existent.

The most wonderful thing about betting on the World Cup with bitcoins is that it is anonymous. Bettors do not have to reveal their names, credit card details, location, and so on in order to deposit, bet, and withdraw in bitcoins. In addition, bitcoin sports betting is fast depositing, betting, and withdrawing can be done almost instantaneously.

Our Recommendations (review) and (review) are the highly recommended bitcoin online sportsbooks for World Cup bettors. Both offer excellent odds, generous bonuses, a wide range of betting options, and the best customer care service. Being licensed and regulated, both give top priority to customer satisfaction, security, and responsible gambling. World Cup bettors can also grab 100 BTC by taking part in’s World Cup 2014 Bracket Challenge.

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