Hop on the Magic Castle Adventure at BitStarz and Level Up to Win Huge Prizes!

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At BitStarz, every day is a new adventure, and if you log into your account in the next 14 days and play any of the games available, you’ll be able to level up and win huge prizes. Join the Magic Castle Adventure at BitStarz and Level Up for Huge Prizes.

There’s a new Magic Castle Adventure promo where you’ll need to go through the castle in the search for the hidden treasures. Only the bravest player, the one who can face the dragon, can win the top prize.

The rules for the Magic Castle Adventure promotion are pretty straightforward, and the prizes? Well, the prizes are incredible, of €50,000 in individual prizes plus a €10,000 cash prize for the best player. Check out what you need to do to grab a share of them!

Magic Castle Adventure at BitStarz Casino

Even though the Magic Castle Adventure has already been running for over a month, you still have the chance to level up and get in the castle’s basement, guarded by the fire-spitting dragon, to grab the best share of the available prizes at BitStarz Casino.

The promotion has started running on the 31st of May but will end at 15:00 CEST on the 16th of July, so you still have two weeks left to participate in it.

You will be mixing potions, casting spells and spinning the reels of any game available at the casino to get across the 40 levels to grab your share of the €50,000 individual prize pool as you level up. Get at level 40 first and you’ll scoop the top €10,000 prize in cash!

There’s no limit as to which games you can play and how. You can play on your desktop or mobile devices, you can do it during the day, at night, as you prefer. So, just log into your BitStarz account, play any game you want, reach the next level and you will get your prize credited to your account. You will be reaching new levels as you wager in the casino by reaching new milestones in the progression bar. As soon as the bar is filled up, you’ll have reached a new level. Bear in mind that each new level increases in difficulty as you progress through the adventure, so use all of your skills to go through them successfully!

Special Rules to Follow

Now, you should know that only real money bets count towards the Magic Castle Adventure promotion. Should you use any bonus money to play, your bets won’t be eligible.

Any prize you win will arrive with a 10x wagering requirement, which is not bad at all. Whenever you win a prize, it will be credited to your account immediately. Should you be the first one to reach the top, 40th level, you will receive the grand prize of €10,000 in cash. Only the one player that gets to the 40th level first will get that prize.

Keep in mind that BitStarz reserves the right to amend the level prizes and requirements at any given moment, withdraw the promotion at any time and even ban players from further play if deemed as trying to abuse the promo. So, just stick to the promo rules, comply with BitStarz Casino’s General Terms and Conditions, and you’ll be just fine, in line to win the next incredible prize.

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