High Stakes Bitcoin Casinos – Bitcoin Gambling for High Rollers

Playing big to earn big is a statement many fellow high-rollers can identify with. While the majority of the online gaming industry is visited by predominantly low wagering users, there are enough players who like to play with big numbers and earn extraordinary sums.

While Bitcoin casinos can still be considered in their infancy if compared to the more traditional online casino counterparts, there is no denying their growing appeal at the high roller crowd. This fact stems from several factors, namely the inherently low house edge of Bitcoin casinos, anonymity, fast secure and transparent transactions, high grossing games offering milestone bonuses and jackpots and more.

The high roller Bitcoin casino craze is already underway, with many examples of users earning outrageous amounts of Bitcoins over the course of mere minutes. In order to better understand the appeal and convenience of playing at a high stakes Bitcoin casino, we will have to examine each of their trademark elements in closer detail.

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Games and Milestones

One of the defining qualities of Bitcoin casinos is their offer of games. While not exactly great in terms of look and presentation, the games are unique enough and entertaining enough to be played for hours on end.

What is interesting to high rollers though, is the maximum wagers for Bitcoin casinos. These numbers can vary from one game to the next and depending on the casino, players who prefer making big bets can place a maximum of up to 50 BTC (Bitcoins).

Yes, some restrictions may apply depending on the casino, since most of them are using cold and hot storage for their Bitcoins, however the majority do provide decent amounts that can cover high roller wagers.

A defining feature that sets some Bitcoin casinos apart is the included progression that adds a level of challenge and increased chances of winning big. High roller players love the concept and to be able to raise the stakes even higher.

Low House Edge

Playing consistently and during longer gaming sessions has already brought several big wins that include thousands of Bitcoins, which is net worth equivalent to millions of US dollars. Bitcoin casinos have this trend going ever since their establishment in 2011 thanks mostly due to their house edge policy.

These casinos tend to be very high-roller friendly, with an inherently low house edge, which doesn’t surpass the 1% mark.

Anonymous and Transparent Transactions

Perhaps the deciding factor for many high rollers is the anonymity which Bitcoin provides. No need for placing your identity at risk or revealing it to the online public. Most high roller Bitcoin casinos only require a valid Bitcoin wallet address to be able to place deposits and receive payments afterwards.

Transparency is also a huge influence, especially since thousands of dollars are at stake for every passing minute. This is handled flawlessly by the implemented Provably Fair system that grants evidence before each game session which can be used when the results are published for comparisons and as evidence, making sure the casino’s results aren’t rigged.

Instantaneous Transfers

Speaking of transfers, Bitcoin casinos are definitely the most convenient on the online gaming market. With anonymous bettors making huge wagers every day, and the ability to deposit instantly without the need to wait for clearance and other bothersome processes, they’re high sought after by the high roller crowd.

This is made possible thanks to the sophisticated system which handles virtual cryptocurrency (Bitcoins) that is being transferred from the player’s Bitcoin wallet and to an address that is owned by the Bitcoin casino.

Once a transaction is confirmed though, the user cannot get his Bitcoin back unless there was an error with the system or the results were not finalized (this rarely ever happens however).

Receiving funds is also quite fast and largely depends on the amount. In the case of high rollers who have won huge amounts while playing, it can take up to several hours for confirmation and the before mentioned transfer of funds from the cold (secure) to hot Bitcoin wallet storage.


Players who love to bet big are already keen on engaging in the great offer present at Bitcoin casinos. The deciding factors like the ability to play completely anonymous, place large bets instantly and securely, as well as the notion of having simple yet compelling games with progression systems are a testament of the Bitcoin player community.