Grab Cashbacks and Tournament Prizes Every Week at Drake Casino and BitStarz

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Being a regular at a Bitcoin casino may not always pay off, but with some online operators it does so quite often. If you hold an account with Drake Casino or BitStarz, there are a number of ways you can get some of your money back while enjoying your favorite games, and that happens every week. So, if you’re tired of not getting anything back from your weekly sessions at your go-to Bitcoin casino, you might want to check these offers out.

10% Cashback on All Loses and Weekly Tournaments

As an existing member of Drake Casino, you can enjoy a special weekly rebate program that guarantees you’ll get some of the money lost during your play time. Namely, for every week you play, the casino will offer you a 10% cashback on all losses. Given each Tuesday, the rebate cashback is calculated by deducting your wins, losses, bonuses, and rebates to estimate the amount of cashback, which can end up giving you some nice balance boosters should you get unlucky.

Let’s say you lose $500 during the week and win only $200 back. With the rebate reward, you’ll get 10% on the difference ($300), which amounts to a $30 cashback that will be added to your player account. And to top it all off, that money is given without any rollover requirements whatsoever!

On the other hand, if the rebate doesn’t peak your interest, Drake Casino also provides other ways to earn some extra cash for your player account. Namely, at the casino you can also enjoy a whole list of tournaments that run on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

This week, the casino has a slots tournament with $2,000, $1,000, and $750 prizes for the top 3 players as well as $100 prizes for anyone who ends up on the bottom positions of the leader-board.  After this tour ends, the casino will launch another one on Monday but on a different slot game. If you want to prepare for next week and check out some of the other rewards on the site, use this link to visit Drake Casino.

More Weekly Prizes and Free Spins at BitStarz’ Slot Wars

If you don’t really like tournaments that are tied to a single slot game, BitStarz is the place to be. The casino runs a very popular weekly Slot Wars tournament where players can choose any slot game of their liking and win points for the tournament leader-board simply by playing it. And if you get to climb up to any of the top 50 positions, you’ll be able to claim a prize that is free of any wagering requirements.

The Slot Wars run every week starting Sunday and they end on Saturdays. To take part, just pick a game you like and start playing it for real money. For every cent you spend, or BTC equivalent, you’ll earn 1 tournament point. The more you spend, the higher you get to climb up the leader-board. The first 3 positions on the list get prizes of €300, €150, and €100, while the remaining 47 leader-board climbers get prizes of €50-€10 or 10-20 free spins, depending on their position. For more info about the rules and payouts, visit BitStarz Casino.

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