Google Brings Back the Bitcoin Blast App after Sudden Suspension

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Google, the tech giant that owns YouTube and the Android platform, has had a very strained relationship with cryptocurrencies. It is common knowledge that the Play Store doesn’t allow any crypto-related apps and YouTube often went to war with Bitcoin and the crypto scene. Many Bitcoin owners have cried censorship and claimed they were unfairly targeted by the tech giant, even after Google apologized for the removal of crypto videos from the video platform.

Now, the company once again drew the anger of Bitcoin enthusiasts after unexpectedly removing a fun app that allowed players to earn BTC by playing a game. The Bitcoin Blast app can be described as a fun BTC Candy Crush spin-off and was installed by thousands after hitting the store mid-January. It was removed by Google in less than a week with the juggernaut citing “deceptive practices” as the reason behind the removal. A week later, the app is back on the Play Store to the delight of its fans.

Is Google Trying to Kill Bitcoin?

This isn’t the first time Google has tried to kill Bitcoin apps and content. Although a number of wallets are available in the store, Google’s approach is deeply tied to traditional banking products rather than the crypto industry. It’s going to remain that way in the future with Google’s planned bank account hitting the store soon.

The latest anti-crypto move suspended the Bitcoin Blast app, but Google won’t admit it. Representatives of the company and another tech giant, Apple, said that the app will be reinstated after updating certain policies it has violated. Daniel Rice, co-founder and CTO at Bling, the studio that developed the app, explained that it wasn’t suspended for being involved with cryptocurrency. After updating the code and policies, the app is now back in the Play Store, with the iOS version currently put on hold.

Bling’s team was enraged by the lack of warning before the suspension. When they contacted Google, they didn’t receive a clear explanation, only citing “deceptive behavior” policy as the main reason. Luckily, the app is now back in the store, although some users are still experiencing problems.

Google is Vigilant of Potential Scams in the Play Store

As mentioned, Google has seen its fair share of crypto wallets in the store which has opened up another problem. Faked wallets and rogue apps attempting to steal private keys have managed to slip in unnoticed which has caused a lot of trouble for many users. Google is trying its best to suspend these apps, but as one YouTube employee said, the sheer number of apps (or videos on YouTube) makes fast response very difficult.

For now, Play Store techies are doing the best they can to keep fake crypto wallets out of the Play Store. What’s concerning is the fast response to fun apps such as Bitcoin Blast that have been unfairly targeted according to Blast. If this is Google’s policy against the crypto industry, it’s going to draw the ire of the whole community. Bitcoin casino apps are off-limits for now unless Google shifts its stance on cryptocurrencies in general.

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