Get a free iPhone at When You Complete Your Profile with the Right Data

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In love with iOS and iPhones? iPhone fans can rarely use another phone, no matter how hard Androids try. The iOS ecosystem is perfected and quite different from what Androids offer, making the iPhone a hit. It’s a pricy one, but a hit nonetheless. If you’ve been aching to get the latest iPhone but you’re waiting for a bit of a discount, why not try and get one for free? Thanks to’s latest raffle, you might just get it.

The popular Bitcoin casino always holds fun tournaments and raffles. It has given away more than a few Teslas in the past, and now it’s time for a brand-new iPhone. Compared to some of its other tournaments, this raffle is different. You don’t need to deposit and play games to enter it. All you need to do is complete your player account.

Add Missing Data, Win iPhone 13

Most Bitcoin casinos are asking players to complete all missing data on their accounts. Many simply don’t want to add their phone or other information, so has thought of a cool solution. It will book you a ticket to the January 24 raffle that will award one lucky player with a complete account a brand-new iPhone 13.

There’s now a very good reason to provide the casino with a phone number. Not just any phone number – it needs to be a valid one with the right country code. That shouldn’t be a problem for iOS fans registered at Bitcasino. If you still haven’t entered your phone number, you can do it now and get a shot at the latest iPhone.

It’s never been easier to win an iPhone. There’s no raffle that’s so easy to complete – you can literally book your ticket for it in 10 seconds. To make things easier, head to the Account tab of your profile (Bitcasino has linked it for you on the promo details page), enter your phone number including the country code, and you’re in.

One Lucky Winner

The only downside of this raffle is that there’s only one iPhone in the prize pool. One lucky winner will get it no strings attached on the draw that will take place on January 24. The winner will be picked randomly via a software. Make sure to book your raffle ticket by January 23, and keep in mind that players who have previously added their phone number are automatically entering the raffle as well.

If your phone number has changed in the meantime, update it on your account page and you’re in. The winner will be contacted via a phone call and win themselves a cool new iPhone 13 with 256 GB of capacity. If you’re an iOS fanboy or gal, you know that the latest iPhone is a technological marvel. It has thinner bezels than ever, the notch has been given a facelift, and the new A15 Bionic processor is fast as lightning.

No matter if you’re a long-time iOS user or you simply want a change of phones, this raffle is your best way at getting one of the top smartphones on the market in 2022.

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