Bitcoin Bingo

Bingo as a game has thousands of fans worldwide and there are many reasons for that. First of all, bingo features very simple rules and it is not expensive to play it. Second, it is very exciting and a single game session lasts just long enough to be neither boring nor too short.

Naturally, almost everything that is popular among people is brought online and that is the case with bingo too. Today, users can simply visit an online gambling site and play their favourite game without even leaving their homes.

Some good destinations for playing online bingo are Bitcoin casino operators and Bitcoin bingo sites. These sites offer its customers the possibility to play bingo games using the increasingly popular crypto currency Bitcoin. As a result, the term Bitcoin bingo was born and every day this concept attracts more and more players.

Play Bitcoin Bingo Online

Bitcoin Bingo Basic Rules

Bitcoin bingo games feature very simple rules. In order to play users have to purchase Bitcoin bingo tickets and then wait for the game to start. The number of bingo tickets at some sites is limited, whereas other sites allow players to buy as many Bitcoin bingo tickets as they want.

Once the game session starts, the system draws random numbers and players simply enjoy as the drawn numbers that match the numbers on their tickets are automatically marked off. When one or more players score a winning combination, the system announces their username and continues until the session ends.

After the end of the Bitcoin bingo session players receive their winnings and then they can start purchasing tickets for other scheduled games.

Bitcoin Bingo Variants

Similar as regular bingo games, Bitcoin bingo has several variants. The two most commonly offered games are 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo. Nevertheless, some Bitcoin gambling sites offer other games such as speed bingo and 80-ball bingo.

90-ball Bitcoin Bingo

Regardless whether you are playing at a land-based bingo hall, online bingo site or Bitcoin gambling site, 90-ball bingo is the variant that is always offered on the menu. This game features 90 bingo balls with numbers from 1 to 90 printed on them and specially designed bingo cards with a 3×9 pattern.

This game rewards players who will first score one line, two lines or Bingo. The numbers on the cards are random and scoring one of the winning combinations can be quite challenging.

75-ball Bitcoin Bingo

The second most popular bingo variant is also known as American bingo. This Bitcoin game, instead of 90 balls, is played with a total of 75 bingo balls that feature numbers from 1 to 75. The bingo cards used for playing 75-ball Bitcoin bingo have a 5×5 pattern and feature random 24 numbers. The centre field of the ticket is empty.

Another difference between this variant and 90-ball bingo is the winning combination; 75-ball bingo players have to score a predetermined pattern which can look like a snake, simple line and etc.

Ticket Prices and Prizes

Even though the ticket prices and prize pots depend on the Bitcoin site that offers this game, there are some numbers that can help people to know what to expect.

For example, the ticket prices usually are around 0.0005 BTC. The prizes, on the other hand, are a bit higher and they can be anything close to 0.004 BTC. Naturally, there are also special jackpots and draws whose prize pools can go up to 1 BTC or even more.