FortuneJack Adds Tether as New Payment Method for the Casino

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FortuneJack players rejoice! The popular cryptocurrency casino is always working on improving its services and becoming even more attractive to its customers. For years, it has accepted a variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. However, there’s been one type of cryptocurrency missing from the list – stablecoins. It took some time but FortuneJack has righted that wrong with the introduction of USDT.

Also known as Tether, it’s safe to say it’s the most popular stablecoin on the crypto market. It’s been one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world since its 2014 launch, and is among the most commonly used coins in online casinos. FortuneJack always pushes for innovation and growth, so their goals are aligned.

Why Choose Tether?

Why is Tether a better option than Bitcoin or other coins available in FortuneJack casino? USD Tether, or USDT in short, it the third-largest coin on the market by value. Originally, it was released on the Bitcoin network. Just like any cryptocurrency, you can trade it for other coins, transfer it, and save it in special wallets. The big difference is in the volatility. As a stablecoin, Tether is pegged to the value of the US Dollar and manages to retain 1:1.

Since it’s not affected by market fluctuations, USD transactions are much safe than BTC transactions. It’s the ideal coin for those who are looking to play anonymously without suffering from Bitcoin’s high volatility. Now that FortuneJack accepts it, it’s in a whole different dimension. It represents one of the safest ways to bet online via the blockchain, thanks to the anonymous transactions which keep player data safe and sound.

Even though it’s a stablecoin, USDT retains all the advantages of crypto coins. Transactions are fast and affordable, not to mention much more stable due to the lack of volatility. Plus, you can make Tether deposits in FortuneJack without sharing personal or financial data. By combining the stability of fiat currencies with all the advantages and anonymity of cryptocurrencies, we’re sure USDT will grow into one of the most popular online gambling crypto coins.

What Can You Play with USDT in FortuneJack?

FortuneJack is one of the best crypto casinos on the market, so you can play all the games you can think of and then some. The game library in the casino is ever-expanding, featuring the latest and greatest slots, jackpots, table, and card games. Let’s not forget the live casino games which can only be played with real money.

Before you do that, you should buy and store your fresh USDT. Store them in a secure wallet – most reputable exchanges will have one for free. Once you’ve got them, you can easily use them in FortuneJack casino for payment anonymity and faster than ever deposits. Withdrawals in Tether are possible too, but you’ll have to win something first.

With thousands of top casino games in the lobby, you’ll have plenty of fun in FortuneJack casino now that USDT’s on the menu.

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