England Boss Gareth Southgate Asks for Legal Help After His Pic is Used to Promote Bitcoin Scam

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Bitcoin scams have become pretty common which is very unfortunate. For all the potential Bitcoin and the blockchain offer, scams are something that investors should ignore. Yet they happen occasionally, and they often use the faces of celebrities in order to scam people who want to invest. Without their knowledge, of course. The latest celebrity to be scammed that way was England football boss Gareth Southgate.

Southgate’s representatives are now seeking legal advice after their client was caught up in a crypto scam. The ad promised 5,000% profit on a deposit of £150, which is simply unbelievable. Still, the offer scammed many people, and many of them have unrightfully blamed the England boss.

Marketing Mail Scam

The scam was sent via a marketing email to a huge number of recipients. It claimed that Gareth Southgate appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show revealing a “wealth loophole” that can deliver millions in months. Of course, all of it was fake, but the email used pretty real pics and a great story about Southgate’s secret investment in Bitcoin that made him a millionaire.

Little did they know that the man made millions through football, not Bitcoin. He didn’t get a 5,000% profit on a £150 investment, not he is a crypto millionaire. While the email was outlandish to many, some people who didn’t know who Southgate is bought the story and lost thousands.

In the embedded video in the email, Southgate took his phone out and showed viewers how much money he’s been making. He supposedly did this on the DeGeneres show, yet no one thought to check if he actually did. The email also claimed that the Federal Reserve Bank tried to stop it from being aired, which was a lie as well.

Many people were scammed into believing the video was real, depositing thousands on the promise of a 5,000% profit in months. This is one of the latest email scams that uses celebrities to lure unsuspecting people in.

Of course, Southgate reported the case to the police, and his representatives are now seeking legal advice. It’s a real shame that these scams are ruining football’s relation with crypto, that has been on the rise in recent months.

Crypto and NFT Spreading to Football

In more positive news, the Premier League where Southgate plied his trade as a player is pretty open to the idea of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Football is helping legitimize crypto, yet scams such as this one using popular football figures do cryptos no good. Premier League clubs have been turning to digital assets in recent months. For example, champions Manchester City have signed up a new partnership with crypto start-up 3Key, and popular crypto token Chiliz has expanded to the PL as well.

While some players have been lending their name and likeness to promote crypto such as Paul Pogba, Southgate never agreed to that. We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.

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