Donate Loyalty Rewards to Fight COVID-19

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The world is currently in a serious fight against an invisible enemy. The ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has killed tens of thousands of people around the world and will destroy economies for years to come. The world needs all our help, and while we’re sitting at home in quarantine playing casino games at Bitcasino, why not give help to those on the frontlines?

Premier Bitcoin casino is hoping that its Bitcoin users will join the cause and donate loyalty rewards that will end up in the hands of charities, homeless shelters, and other organizations that need our help right now. The casino will match anything you donate so the world can go back to normal ASAP.

Join the Cause is one of the leading Bitcoin casinos online, but this move will put it over the top. In collaboration with Giving Block and #cryptoCOVID19, the casino has organized the ultimate promo for the crypto community. This time, however, you’re giving instead of receiving a prize. But, it’s for a good cause. The only way we defeat the novel coronavirus is if we stand together. Thanks to Bitcasino, we can all make a difference.

Most Bitcasino players are quarantined right now and playing games to pass the time in the casino. The constant playing has made more than a few loyalty members. If you’ve ever visited Bitcasino, you know that the VIP club is incredible. You can win a bunch of loyalty prizes and a lot of cash too. The higher your VIP status, the bigger and better the prizes.

Bitcasino’s crypto community can now make a difference in the fight against COVID-19. Simply donate your unused loyalty prizes to charities and organizations in need and you can make a big difference. You can do this at at the click of a button. The casino hopes to raise over $100,000 soon which will be distributed to various organizations.

The casino will match what you donate, once again proving that together we can halt the spread of the coronavirus and help the world get back to normal.

How Can You Help?

The process is simple. You’ll need to opt-in to the promotion at the site first. That’s it – you’re in. your loyalty rewards will be automatically collected on May 1, 2020 and will provide them to those in need.

Bitcasino’s campaign is open to all invited customers at the site until April 30, 23:59 GMT. As mentioned, you’ll need to opt-in to the promo in order to take part in it. Don’t worry if your loyalty prizes are of monetary value – they will still be donated for the cause. Whatever your donation is, Bitcasino will match it and give away to charity as well.

We’re all in this fight together and we only stand a chance if we’re together on the battlefield. Help those who need it the most by donating your Bitcoin loyalty prizes. It will make a difference and you’ll be a hero in the crypto community as well.

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