D Casino Launches Las Vegas’ First Bitcoin ATM Machine

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Robocoin atm in Las Vegas According to a report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the D Casino in downtown Las Vegas created history by launching the city’s first bitcoin ATM, a Robocoin machine. It may be recalled that the D Casino and the Golden Gate Casino were the first Las Vegas casinos to start accepting bitcoins for some of its services this January 2013.

Bitcoin ATM Launched

Jordan Kelly, the chief executive officer of Robocoin, and Derek Stevens, the owner of the casino, were excited when they launched the city’s first bitcoin ATM, a large blue box-like structure, near the D Casino’s gift shop. The Robocoin machine, which is 5-foot tall and 7-inch thick, was brought to life on Thursday, giving the hotel casino’s customers the opportunity to convert cash into bitcoins and vice versa for the first time.

Robocoin can store bitcoins worth over $500,000. Kelly said that the presence of a bitcoin ATM in Las Vegas will considerably “change the international gaming market,” adding that it will add tremendous value from the perspective of the gambling industry. He christened the ATM machine “Lucky No. 7.”

Stevens said that he installed the Robocoin machine after first getting the approval of the Nevada Gaming Control Board and reviewing Robocoin security.

How to Use the ATM

Customers need a Robocoin account to withdraw or deposit cash. Registering at Robocoin is as easy as inputting their telephone number, after which they will receive a text message with a verification code. The next step is to input the verification code into the machine, get a PIN, insert an identity card issued by the government, place their palms on the scan pane for a “biometric authentication,” and let the machine take their photographs.

Kelly assures that it takes no more than five minutes, and registered customers can use the ATM with their PIN and phone number.

About Robocoin

Robocoin atm Robocoin captured the media’s attention when it launched the world’s first bitcoin ATM at a coffee shop in Canada in October 2013. During the first eight days of its existence, this machine processed transactions worth more than $100,000 and over $1 million during its first 29 days.

The machine also made Robocoin very successful, and the company began selling ATM machines all over the world. Today, Robocoin machines exist in Japan, Singapore, and Australia. The US alone has six Robocoin ATM machines.

Although the machines are made in Arizona, Robocoin has its headquarters at The Ogden Condominiums, where a team of nine people continuously work on its software. The company also has employed a software team in Reno.

The number of companies accepting bitcoin in Southern Nevada is on the rise. Julian Tosh, the operator of BitCoinsInVegas.com, says that bitcoin ATMs are good for visitors to Las Vegas. He said: “Bitcoin is a global currency. Las Vegas is a global destination. People can come here with their Bitcoins and be funded for entertainment and gambling in the local currency. It’s really good for the tourism industry. This makes it easier for people to spend Bitcoins in our local economy.”

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