Cloudbet Player Wins Massive $1m Payout in BTC

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They say that if you really want to take a casino to the cleaners, you will need to up your game. There have been many successful stories thus far about people dedicating themselves fully to a casino game to figure out all the intricacies, possibilities, and tricks that could help them turn their time and effort into a big payout.

However, while things have worked out well for many advantage players in the land-based casino sector throughout the years, rarer were the cases when an online player succeeded into using a skilled-based game to make big profits. Well, our latest update is about one Bitcoin player who challenged this trend, taking a chance on Cloudbet Casino to become a self-made millionaire.

Skilled Player Takes 160 BTC Win

In a win that set a record for the biggest Bitcoin win in a live casino game, one anonymous Cloudbet player took home a payout of 160 BTC or over $1 million in current market value. The skilled player was able to earn the massive payout by playing the Baccarat live tables at CloudBet casino, but there is no official confirmation of which live provider s/he chose to use.

According to the casino, the win happened near the end of October when 1 BTC was trading near $5,300, giving the jackpot a value of approximately $850,000. However, in the brief time period in-between, Bitcoin first climbed to $6,500 and then $7,300 today, giving the price a value well above $1.1 million. That is, unless the player chose to exchange his Bitcoins back to fiat money.

The latest payout surpasses Cloudbet’s previous record, which was set back in March when a player won 216 BTC on a slot game.  At the time, the win was worth approximately $214,000 in USD price, but the exciting thing about it was that it was won with a bet of only 0.16 BTC, making it the largest single-bet win in the casino’s history.

Commenting on the latest milestone on behalf of the casino, Leandro Ross, Casino Head at Cloudbet, said that this was the biggest single win they’ve seen in more than four years since the casino was launched. He also added that they would “love” to witness someone break this monumental record.

Casino, Sportsbetting – You Name It!

James Bond’s classic game of choice (Baccarat) isn’t the only thing you can enjoy at this pioneering Bitcoin platform. In the virtual menu alone, there are around 600 different games, including a big selection of virtual tables and slots, while the live dealer menu holds around 30 different games from Vivo, Evolution Gaming, and even Asia Gaming.  Furthermore, the casino still retains its betting section where various live and regular markets can be found.

If you’ve never played at Cloudbet before, you can grab the 100% match bonus of up to 5 BTC the casino gives away to all newly-registered players. And if you’re a sports bettor, the casino will also offer you a chance to make high-roller bets and win some big payouts. If you’re interested in finding out more about the casino or trying out the Baccarat live tables yourself, feel free to give Cloudbet a visit

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