Buy Crypto Search Term at an All Time High

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Google Trends records increased searches for "buy crypto". It’s fair to say that the world of cryptos and especially Bitcoin has exploded in recent months, especially during the pandemic. While royalties and fiat money are failing, Bitcoin’s flag is flying high. The world’s biggest cryptocurrency by market volume and cap is currently in the middle of a renaissance, bringing back fond memories of the heights it reached in 2017.

Google Trends is a great way to spot changes in crypto sentiment. That proved right once again after it was revealed that the “buy crypto” search time is at an all time high. It was a widely popular search term back in 2017 before the Bitcoin bubble popped, and is now back in a time when Bitcoin’s star seems to be shining bright.

The Year of Bitcoin

Bitcoin had a hell of a ride in 2019. It reached lows, it reached highs, and was going up and down the rollercoaster constantly. In early 2020, things became much clearer – all of it was the blueprint for what would happen this year.

This year, Bitcoin is truly flexing and currently in a great position to repeat the historic 2017 run. This time, however, a bubble pop may not happen at all. People and governments have begun to realize the potential of decentralized assets, with many countries such as Venezuela openly supporting Bitcoin.

This is also mirrored in the high search volume charts for the “buy crypto” term. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, people are interested in buying cryptocurrencies now more than ever. That goes double for Bitcoin as the leader in crypto market share. In the past, everyone invested in gold or other royalties, but right now, buying cryptos is more popular.

It shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. Bitcoin and cryptos have succeeded where fiat currencies and royalties have failed. New industries such as Bitcoin gambling are on the rise since everyone realized they could play games online with Bitcoin much easier than they can do with fiat money. Everything is just easier with BTC and cryptos and the world is finally realizing their potential.

“Buy Crypto” Search Term at An All Time High

The search term “buy crypto” has not been at such a high level since Bitcoin’s 2017 run. The massive burst in queries can’t be compared to the 2017 crypto bubble but is a major peak indicative of the increased interest in cryptos.

When compared to “buy Bitcoin”, though, the “buy crypto” term doesn’t stand a chance. This is another confirmation of how big Bitcoin is and that it is the driver behind the crypto revolution. Search queries for “buy Bitcoin” also saw a rise in 2020, even though they’re can’t be compared to 2017.

BTC’s dominance tells us what we knew all along – that it is the king of cryptocurrencies. With Bitcoin gambling and other BTC industries currently on the rise, there’s a strong possibility that the leading crypto can go for another massive bull run. As more and more countries open themselves up to the idea of Bitcoin and cryptos, a world with dominant decentralized currencies is not such a distant idea.

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