Bust a Cap in Your Opposing Rapper and Win Big Money in West Coash Cash Infinity Reels in bitStarz

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The whole hip hop subculture is the perfect theme for video games such as GTA—which has already been explored—and slot games. Rappers rap about money and bling bling, and there’s a lot of that to be won on online slots. That’s why some developers have been quick to pull the trigger on hip hop slots, and Relax Gaming took the concept further. It paired the hip hop subculture with a GTA bootleg, creating the exciting West Coast Cash Infinity Reels slot now live in bitStarz casino.

In it, you’ll be killin’ rappers with your mic and turn those verses to solid gold. Set on Infinity Blvd., which is a throwback to GTA San Andreas Grove Street, this is a dangerous hood. But, if you’re no stranger to life on the streets, arm up and you can line up your sheets with gold in this one.

How to Play West Coast Cash Infinity Reels?

The first thing you’ll notice about the West Coash Cash Infinity Reels slot is how great it looks. It has a pretty unusual setup, but that’s because of the Infinity Reels mechanic. Relax Gaming has gone all-in on this one in terms of visuals, setting up the hip hop vibes all over the place. You can see it in the background, on the reels which feature characters obviously inspired by legendary rappers, and the big beats in the background.

This slot is a goldmine for hip hop fans. Playing it is simple thanks to the great user interface. In short, you do everything on the right side, while the left and central parts are reserved to accommodate the Infinity Reels.

Have you tried a slot with this mechanic before? It’s one of those things that changed the way we play slot games similar to what Megaways did in the past. For those unaware, every win triggers a new reel on the right side. As the name suggests, these can go on and on, with no cap on the number of reels added. To make things even more exciting, a multiplier goes up with each new reel. That’s double your wins on the 4th reel, while 12 or more reels pay a special cash prize of 888x the bet.

Level Up respins are awarded for three or more Scatters (the very appropriate bouncing lowrider). This is a cash respins round in which Cash symbols are held while all the others respin. We won’t give up too much about the bonus. Play the slot yourself and uncover the bling it offers.

Win Up to 20,000x the Bet!

West Coast Cash Infinity Reels is fo’ real because it pays up to 20,000x the bet. When you max your bets out at 12 coins per spin, that’s a lot of greens. It certainly beats dissin’ other rappers just to get your name in the headlines. Play the slot in bitStarz casino right now and let’s see what you whip up!

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