BitPay Releases Bitcoin Cash Support Update

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It seems that Bitcoin is becoming extremely popular with casino players and that popularity might also grow in the future. Not only is Bitcoin the only payment method that allows players to fund their casino accounts anonymously, the payments are processed quickly and there are usually no charges of fees, plus the Bitcoin value seems to be growing which makes Bitcoin gambling even more profitable.

The number of Bitcoin payment processors is also growing, as a result of the increased customer interest.  Bitpay is one of the most popular Bitcoin providers that serves customers from all over the world. It has now announced that it will introduced a new open source wallet which will allow customers to store, keep and use Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as well as Bitcoins (BTC).

The Beta Version Has Been Released

The beta version of the wallet has already been released. The release of the wallet follows increased customer demands, as many felt that BitPay should allow its customers to use both Bitcoin as well as Bitcoin Cash if they wash. Now, with this newly released wallet, people have the freedom to choose between the two.

This Copay wallet with BCH support was created in April and all those who had Bitcoin wallets before that will be offered BHC support. All customers who wish to be able to store and use Bitcoin Cash in the app will only need to switch the BCH support setting on. The BitPay website informed its customers that the app can be used just like any other similar wallet.

There have been certain problems when it came to sending BCH to BTC addresses and vice-versa, but BitPay has already taken measures to ensure that it won’t be an issue and that customers will not send the wrong type of Bitcoin by mistake, or lose access to their funds. Not all providers that support Bitcoin Cash have taken these measures.

Great News for Bitcoin Casino Players

This is great news for the Bitcoin casino industry as a lot of Bitcoin casino operators already offer their customers a chance to fund their accounts with Bitcoin Cash. This will only make things easier for everyone. The reason why so many users are switching to Bitcoin Cash is that the transaction fees are usually lower compared to the fees for standard BTC transactions and Bitcoin Cash features on-chain scaling.

Knowing how often Bitcoin users have been the target of restrictive government policies which often protect state’s interests and monopolies, the appeal of Bitcoin Cash becomes even more evident. On top of that, it is also positive that the service is offered by a company that already has a lot of experience in the industry. As a reminder, a casino using BitPay became the first operator to be allowed to offer Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals in the UK.

If you are an Android user and you wish to access the beta version of the wallet, you will need to install the latest update on the device that you use to access your Bitcoin wallet and then make yourself a beta tester. If you have an iPhone or another iOS device you will need to contact the provider’s customer support via email and they will grant you access.

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