Bitcoin Site Satoshi Dice Throws Support Behind Bitcoin Cash

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Bitcoin’s offshoot cryptocurrency – Bitcoin Cash – has been recently getting more and more support in the online gambling community from a number of well-known operators. One of the latest gambling sites to throw extra support behind the rising cryptocurrency is Satoshi Dice –the oldest of Bitcoin Dice sites online that’s been active since 2012.  Apart from officially adopting Bitcoin Cash into its platform, the site has now taken things further and donated a large chunk of Bitcoin Cash to a non-profit that aims to increase its usage.

100 BCH Donated to the Bitcoin Cash Fund

Satoshi Dice’s latest donation came over the weekend and it was inspired by a Reddit post by the user “jarenfeser” who wanted to help the non-profit Bitcoin Cash Fund with a 48-hour donation challenge.  Kicking off the challenge was a message by the user who said that he will “match all donations made to the Bitcoin Cash Fund (up to 300 BCH)” during the following 48 hours.

After the post went live, it didn’t take long for Satoshi Dice to spot the offer in the BTC subreddit and donate a chunk of 100 Bitcoin Cash coins to the non-profit organization. The Bitcoin Cash Fund gladly accepted the donation and replied to Satoshi Dice by saying that “It really means a lot to us to have your support. We really really appreciate it. We will make sure this funding goes a long way to drive adoption.”

If you’re not familiar with the Bitcoin Cash Fund, it labels itself as a “community-driven” project that aims to promote the adoption of Bitcoin Cash through “various internal and community-driven marketing and sales initiatives”. The fund originally began as a venture that wanted to gather funds for an animated short video about the cryptocurrency and the publishing of pamphlets that raise awareness of it. But recently the organization’s objective has reached new heights and the fund’s original mission goal was changed to “to help Bitcoin Cash (BCH) serve one billion users within five years.”

The Reddit Challenge ended up being quite fruitful for the non-profit as a total of $250,000 in Bitcoin Cash donations were made within only 8 hours after the post went live. Satoshi Dice made the most notable donation during the challenge.

A Pioneering Bitcoin Site that Turned to BCH

Satoshi Dice was the brainchild of Erik Voorhees – a startup founder known for his involvement in the cryptocurrency sector. Voorhees is the CEO of the Shapeshift exchange and a former CEO of Coinapult – a service for sending Bitcoin via e-mail and SMS – who owned Satoshi Dice partially before the site was sold to an undisclosed buyer in 2013 for the sum of 126,315 BTC.

Originally a Bitcoin-only site, Satoshi Dice later switched to taking only Bitcoin Cash, saying that the offshoot cryptocurrency was “true to the original spirit of Satoshi vision”. Satoshi Dice was a strong driving force in Bitcoin adoption as it quickly became the leading Bitcoin gambling site online, causing high levels of Bitcoin transactions and accounting for $15 million in bets in less than a year after its launch. And although its traffic has decreased throughout the years as many new operators launched, the site’s support for Bitcoin Cash could still significantly contribute to the adoption of the new cryptocurrency.

If you’re interested in learning more about Satoshi Dice’s games, its provably fair system, or anything else about the site you might be interested in, make sure to check out our Satoshi Dice review.

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