Bitcoin Poker Site Seals With Clubs Relaunches as SwCPoker

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swc poker home SwCPoker has just launched. On February 26, 2015 Seals With Clubs returned on as SwCPoker on brand new poker software labeled “Bitcoin Poker 2.0”. This happened only six days after Seals With Clubs officially shut down. The software has been greatly improved with several new features.

Great news came from Bryan Micon, the chairman of the biggest Bitcoin poker site Seals with Clubs. Yesterday, he announced via his Twitter account that SwCPoker, the reincarnation of the recently shut-down Seals with Clubs poker site, would be launched in a few hours.

The same announcement was made on the same day on the official SwCPoker Twitter account with the words: “Today is the day…” This teaser was accompanied with another tweet that the SwCPoker site will be launched with micro limit games and small freerolls, and players are urged to help in making the site better by reporting any issues with it.

What Happened to Seals with Clubs

As you may have learned, Seals with Clubs  officially ceased operations and providing Bitcoin poker services earlier this month. Due to several events in relation to the operational security of the website that occurred on 11th of February, the site was down for several days, which was followed with an official announcement on the Seals with Clubs website that the biggest Bitcoin poker site is going to be shut down.

The officials couldn’t guarantee the safety of the players’ bitcoins so in the meantime players were urged to make withdrawals and were told that in the meantime a new version of Seals with Clubs was being planned and developed. However, nobody knew when the new site was going to be launched, but now that moment has come.

No details were published as to what exactly was the problem, only that it was a matter of security. It was said that the software was not the problem, and that no wallets have been compromised or lost. Nevertheless, the majority of owners influenced by the events decided that it is best for the site to be shut down.

A lot of players quickly started looking for a Seals With Clubs alternative, and many moved over to the second largest bitcoin poker site Betcoin Poker. Fortunately, it looks like they can now return safely to the new site at Although the site is still in a testing phase, it looks like it will be up and running at full speed shortly.

SwCPoker, the New Hope

In the meantime Bryan Micon has been saying that he plans to open a new and improved version of the site on his own with his own team, and in the end all of that resulted with SwCPoker. Historically, he is the longest-standing member of the former Seals with Clubs project, and is probably the best person to do that.

The new SwCPoker site runs on a SwC 2.0 software package. Although this package was to be used for Seals with Clubs, the owners transferred the rights to that software to Bryan. He was also given the domain name in order to enable him to bring the SwCPoker site up as fast as possible. The old SwC 1.0 package will be retired because of issues in its architecture.

Former Seals with Clubs players are still able to make withdrawals, at least those that didn’t do that, until the moment the domain is seized, or in case if the server from which withdrawals are made is taken out of operation. In such a case players will be informed on how to continue withdrawing their bitcoins.

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