Bitcoin Poker Site Seals With Clubs Closes – Bitcoin Not To Blame

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SealsTable The world’s biggest and most successful bitcoin poker room Seals With Clubs closed effective immediately after being offline for about nine days. But bitcoin players may heave a sigh of relief as Bitcoin is not responsible for the poker room’s problems. The operators said that there is a “hardware failure.” It later turned out that there might have been due to security concerns, although the team behind the site do not go into specifics on their letter to their players posted on their website.

Player funds secure and available for cashout

The Seals team have stated that all player funds are secure and can be cashed out via their website:

“All player funds and data remain intact and the issue was not software related. We do not believe any of our Bitcoin wallets used in operations to be compromised or lost. However, this event has made the majority vote of the ownership and team agree that shutting down operations is the best move for safety and security purposes.”

Withdrawals can be made by filling out a form on the bottom of the Seals With Clubs website with username, password and bitcoin address. Here at, we have tested this and we can confirm that cashouts are working properly. The Process took about 12 hours from the time we submitted the withdrawal request, until the bitcoins hit the wallet.

We urge all players to visit Seals and fill out their form to cashout their player funds.

SWC Poker on the Horizon

Chairman of Seals With Clubs, Bryan “The Icon” Micon posted on Twitter shortly after the site closed:

“RIP @SealsWithClubs  (was a good run IMO) Bitcoin Poker 2.0 –> @SwCPoker <– (coming soon)”

Apparently, they are working on a new and improved bitcoin poker site under the name SWC Poker at that is to be launched soon.

Seals With Clubs Goes Offline

There is nothing unusual about online poker rooms and online casinos going offline because of technical issues. It happens all the time and all players can do is to wait patiently for the technical team to resolve the issue at the earliest possible.

When Seals With Clubs went offline on February 11 because of a technical problem, players believed that the issue will be resolved soon. The operator posted a tweet as follows: “We’ve had a hardware failure and are working to resolve it. ETA 2 hours.”

As the tweet suggested that the issue could be resolved in just two hours, players thought that it was a minor issue and that Seals With Clubs will be back to normal soon. However, Seals With Clubs remained offline for several hours, suggesting that the technical issues, if any, were of a serious nature.

Serious Issues

The next day, Seals With Clubs tweeted:

“Sorry everyone, there were some issues coming back online and we’re going to have to be down for awhile longer.”

Since Seals With Clubs was unable to go live again, the operator launched a manual procedure for players who wanted to withdraw their bitcoins before it resolved its technical issues.

The Seals With Clubs homepage said:

“While we are down, you can enter withdrawal requests using the form below. It will enter a cashout for the entirety of your balance and will be processed within twelve hours. I’ve also pulled all balances from the Beta Site so players can cashout those funds as well. Affiliate payments and Rakeback for last week has been paid, these chips are available for cashout.”

Problems Unrelated to Bitcoin

It is important for bitcoin poker players to note that Seals With Club’s problems have nothing to do with the cryptocurrency, especially as there have been media reports about the volatility of bitcoin.

Bitcoin users are naturally worried about the fall of bitcoin exchanges and are continually asking the question if bitcoin wallets are really safe. To make matters worse, the cryptocurrency has proved to be extremely volatile. While one bitcoin was worth $1000 at the end of 2013, its value has fallen to somewhere around $233 at present.

Seals With Clubs Remains Optimistic

Meanwhile, Seals With Clubs is optimistic that it will solve all its problems soon. It is continually reassuring its loyal players through its Twitter account, making a joke out of everything and responding to players’ suggestions in a light-hearted manner.

Recently, the operator tweeted: “FYI we have already tried turn-off-turn-back-on.” They also informed their players that they had already attempted the method of “blow on the cartridge,” which was widely used to make Nintendo games work. The operator also thanked the bitcoin poker gaming community for its “helpful suggestions.”

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