Bitcoin.Casino Domain Sells at a Record Price

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A new record has been set in the world of Bitcoins – one for the highest price paid for a bitcoin gambling domain but also the most expensive “.casino” domain ever to be bought. According to news report, the record holders are a Florida company called Casino Holdings Inc., who splurged a small fortune to buy off the “” domain from the former unidentified owners.

The purchase comes at a time when the world’s most popular cryptocurrency is already setting records on its own, thanks to an increased global interest from both old-time supporters and new investors that are hoping on the Bitcoin bandwagon.

$26,000 for a Bitcoin Gambling Domain

According to an official press release, the Florida-based investors have paid a sum of $26,000 to acquire “”. The domain was bought from the Sedo domain marketplace, and even though it is not the highest price for a casino-related website, it’s still a record for a “.casino” website. The extension is fairly new to the online world, which is why it is surprising to see such a large sum paid for the domain.

However, when compared to other gambling domains, the purchase is nothing out of the ordinary, as there have been domain owners who have even turned millionaires by selling their “.com” gambling domains. The most notable example is the “” – a web address that was sold for a staggering $5.5 million back in 2003, but also “”, which was sold for $2.5 million around 2011.

And apart from the obvious reason of Bitcoin’s popularity growing, some suggests that the purchase was also motivated by the increasing attractiveness of the “.casino” domains. Namely, the ranks of domains with the said extension are growing in search engines, thus creating an increase in interest for “.casino” websites.

Record Breaking Time for Bitcoins

It’s interesting to note that the purchase was made at a month when Bitcoin is breaking records thanks to a surge in interest and a lack of negative market events. The first milestone that was reached this month was that Bitcoin broke its 2013 price record by climbing to $1,200 per BTC, while the second one was that the past few weeks have been the longest time Bitcoin remained at such heights.

Only this year alone the price of Bitcoin has grown for over 175%, just 6 months after it was being sold for around $500. But unlike in 2013, when dizzying price boosts proved out to be a bubble that burst and plunged the value down to $250, in the past month there have been no massive drops in BTC price, triggering an interest in Bitcoins but also Bitcoin casinos.

And with a possible approval of the world’s first Bitcoin ETF (Exchange Trade Fund) in the making this March, analysts suggest that Bitcoins will gain even more popularity. With such a prospect and the positive regulatory changes we might see soon, it becomes clearer why the domain sold for the price it did.

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