BetKing Casino CEO to Donate 25 Bitcoins for Christmas

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Christmas is a time for giving and helping others less fortunate than yourself.  Bitcoin investors can consider themselves one of the most fortunate people this year, seeing original investments of $1,000 increase twelve-fold since the beginning of the year. Proving that Bitcoin entrepreneurs have a heart too, BetKing Casino CEO Dean Nolan is now sharing his fortune by donating 25 Bitcoins for each day of December until Christmas to good causes that get the most support from the r/bitcoin Reddit community.

A Bitcoin a Day for 25 Days

Nolan announced the donations on a r/Bitcoin thread on the Reddit forum, where he revealed that, starting December 1st, he will donate 25 Bitcoins to causes suggested in the thread. As he says, the cause “can be a charity, open source project, crowdfund or anything else”.

Suggestions for donations can be submitted by any Reddit user by leaving a comment on the main thread or the daily updates. Nolan asks for all interested users to also post a link to the donations page of the organization they are suggesting. He will pick one suggestion each day, which he says will most likely be the “most upvoted one”, and donate a single Bitcoin to them.

Nolan, who originally launched BetKing through a crowdfunding campaign with Bitcoin donations and re-launched the casino in the same way, says he hopes that the daily donations encourage others to give Bitcoins away for Christmas, particularly people who benefited from the incredible price surges we saw recently.  He encourages users to send their suggestions, because even though they might not be picked by him personally, someone else on the threads might spot a cause worth donating to and send money to it.

Thus far, three good causes have been picked by Nolan: the non-profit Electronic Frontier Foundation who fight for digital rights; the Khan Academy – a non-profit organization for creating online education tools; and the Give Directly organization, which donates money to East African families stricken by extreme poverty via mobile phone transfers.  If you too have a cause you want to see supported, you can visit the main thread on Reddit and enter your suggestion.

New BetKing Site Now Active

BetKing Bitcoin Casino was originally launched with a crowdfunding campaign in 2013. The site’s popularity quickly grew during the first two years of its launch, allowing BetKing to become the biggest crowdfunded casino site according to wagered volume. It was, essentially, a dice site launched with 6,000 Bitcoins that ran until December 2016 when all original funds were returned to investors and the casino closed doors with a profit of over 7,300 BTC.

Less than a year after its closing, BetKing launched an ICO campaign that raised $6.5 million and opened its doors again in September 2017. The new site was an improvement over the old platform and for now only has a dice game you can play with Bitcoin, LiteCoin, or Ethereum. There are plans to launch new provably fair games like Roulette and Blackjack in the future, as well as sports and new dice games, although there are no official dates for any of the additions. If you want to see what BetKing currently has in store, you can visit the casino by clicking this link.

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