Apple Reveals Interest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

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More than a month ago, tech-giant Apple dealt a blow to cryptocurrencies after announcing that it’s unique Apple card is off-limits for Bitcoin and gambling. A day before it’s big iPhone 11 launch event, though, Apple has revealed a shocking interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. It’s the latest tech-giant in line to side with crypto assets after Samsung and Facebook.

This is great news for cryptocurrency owners who like to gamble. If this interest becomes a reality, maybe Apple will change its stance on Bitcoin and “open up” its card to gambling, giving many iPhone fans another way to buy coins in online casinos.

The Shock Reveal Follows Samsung’s Interest in Cryptocurrency

Samsung, the Korean tech-giant and biggest rival to Apple, recently announced its plans to build a Blockchain Keystore into the popular Galaxy Note10 models. It is Samsung’s first foray into the world of cryptocurrency and allows its users to store their crypto wallets on their devices.

Not to be outdone by its rival, Apple announced its interest in cryptocurrency just a few days ago. According to CNN, Apple’s exec (and head of Apple Pay) Jennifer Bailey recently revealed that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are “interesting” for the Cupertino-based company. It sparked quite the debate in the crypto community, with many wondering if this means that Apple will now allow its Apple Card users to exchange cryptocurrencies. No word on that, but Apple’s interesting comments definitely leave a lot to the imagination.

Apple has taken a very cautious approach to finance in the past and especially on Bitcoin. Jennifer Bailey’s comments are pretty close to the views of Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, and Mark Zuckerberg, the popular Facebook CEO. Both have expressed interest in cryptocurrencies, with Zuckerberg announcing Facebook’s Libra as a potential Bitcoin alternative.

No Altcoins Support on iPhone 11

Of course, Apple’s interest in cryptocurrencies doesn’t mean you should expect altcoins support on their fresh new iPhone 11. This is a long-term interest and we’re yet to see if Apple implements Bitcoin or other altcoins on its revolutionary Apple card.

A bank-less credit card, the Apple Card offers speed and convenience over other payment methods and can be used at any retail store. It’s the perfect “vessel” for cryptocurrencies, although Apple shot down any rumors of the supposed link between the two when it announced the card last month.

With Apple Pay becoming increasingly more popular, the same is expected of the Apple Card as well. However, we have yet to see if it will be accepted by Bitcoin casinos in the future. Right now, the card has rejected that possibility, but with Apple’s recent comments on cryptocurrencies, who knows?

Right now, Apple is expected to push its Apple Pay and Apple Card without crypto assets. If, however, Bitcoin rises big once again and stays stable, it will become the golden standard in the world of digital currencies. This will surely lead to a new wave of support from major brands who won’t be able to ignore it any longer.

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