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Reddcoin (RDD), unlike other crypto-currencies, is known as the “social currency”. It is a very new and fresh currency created in February 2014 and was mainly intended for tipping on social sites, primarily Reddit, after which the coin was named. The creators’ intention with this was to help bring some fame and recognition to this currency with the help of the general public.

In time, Reddcoin was recognized by the public, and soon online casino players that liked using alternative coins to play casino games began using Reddcoin at crypto casinos where alternative coins like the Reddcoin are accepted.

The coders of Reddcoin thoroughly learned how to play the alt coin “industry” and learned precisely the way in which Dogecoin became successful in order to help the Reddcoin achieve similar success. The result was a socially-driven alternative coin like the Dogecoin, but much meaner and leaner.

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Introduction to Reddcoin

Essentially, Reddcoin is just another decentralized digital currency. It was created to make the online social life more rich and fun. Reddcoin’s digital currency platform seamlessly integrates with all social networks where people want to receive and send alternative coins with much more ease than with other coins.

You can get a Reddcoin wallet from the official website and it is supported on PC, Apple and Linux systems. Being an open source currency, anyone can get the source code and improve it which benefits both him and the social community where he intendeds to use reddcoins.

As any other digital currency, Reddcoin too has some unique features that distinguish itself from the rest:

  • PoSV – innovative Proof-of-stake velocity algorithm that encourages both activity and stake and overcomes issues of standard PoW and PoS algorithms.
  • Tip Platform – Reddcoin’s decentralized tip platform allows sending and receiving digital currency on social platforms easier than ever.
  • Redd-ID – a unique block chain level service allowing users to associate their usernames with rich info.
  • Broadcast – a powerful crowd-source marketing tool for businesses that want to achieve a steady Reddcoin income.
  • ReddWallet – state of the art wallet with many social features improving the security of the decentralized network.

With its focus towards being a currency that can be used widely and freely on social networks, the Reddcoin will surely become the primary coin among social network users. The Reddcoin is the perfect currency for micro-transactions.

Casinos That Support Reddcoin

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FortuneJack (our review) is a silver member of the Bitcoin foundation and has proved itself as an excellent brand in the online gaming community by giving a higher level of alternative coin gambling. Players can indulge in various different games like dice, blackjack, live sicbo, live roulette, slots, craps and lots of other games using reddcoins to wager.

The casino offers very low house edge on most of its games; it has low rakes, strict security protocols, transparent loyalty program, active bonuses among which a 100% first deposit welcome bonus, and a 24/7 customer support system.

Players that have a competitive nature will love playing at FortuneJack and compete for weekly giveaways. Here up to 10 BTC are given away weekly to the top 5 players on the various game leaderboards. Moreover, with its live in house live dealer games, FortuneJack is the number one crypto casino for live games.

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