Peercoin Casino

The Peercoin crypto-currency, known as PPcoin or PPC, is on the rise. Casinos that accept bitcoins, litecoins and other alternative coins are beginning to recognize this rise and are starting to introduce Peercoin in their list of accepted virtual currencies as well. Therefore, Peercoin owners can now safely play casino games using their favorite currency.

The creators of Peercoin have managed to distinguish this currency from the most popular digital currency (Bitcoin) in many key elements, which make the Peercoin an improved concept. The basic advantages are still there: the anonymous and safe transactions, instant deposits and withdrawals, decentralized network etc.

The Peercoin in its essence is just like any other alternative coin. Everything is the same, from acquiring a wallet and peercoins up to using them to play casino games. Just a couple of clicks and in matter of seconds your peercoins will appear in your crypto casino account.

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Introduction to Peercoin

The Peercoin network has been established in 2012, and it is the first proof-of-work and proof-of-stake coin. This means that the securing of the network does not depend on massive computing power and new coins are generated based on individual holdings. This helps to eliminate the monopoly in mining, while coins are generated with less energy consumption.

In terms of market capitalization estimates, the Peercoin is considered as one of the largest crypto-currencies on the market. The Peercoin market cap currently is $8 million, and the price for one PPC in USD today is $0.37.

For comparison, the current prices for other currencies are: Litecoin $1.83 ($67 million market cap), Darkcoin is $2.72 ($14 million), Dogecoin $0.00014 ($13 million), Namecoin $0.49 ($5 million) etc. The crypto-currency economy is always fluctuating, so these numbers may change in a very short space of time.

Unlike the other alt coins, the number of possible peercoins does not have a hard limit. It is also a currency with a very steady inflation, 1% annually, which helps the yielding of an unlimited number of coins. The fees for transactions are fixed to 0.01 PPC, and this fee will never go to any miner. Instead it is destroyed and serves purely for offsetting inflation.

Casinos that Support Peercoin

Not many online casinos support Peercoin transactions compared to other bigger alternative coins. Litecoin casinos, for example, can be found the most; nevertheless, we have found one reputable online casino where players can deposit using multiple currencies, including Peercoin.


FortuneJack Casino claims to be a top level gaming destination that offers multiple digital currencies. It offers provably fair games, progressive jackpots, anonymous transactions using alternative coin payment methods and on top of that non-stop customer support.

Players describe this casino as unique, fair and fun experience. Although new and recently established, it has already proven itself to the online gambling community. Think twice before looking for casinos where you can use your peercoins, because FortuneJack has some really great features.

There are live dealer games, a 1% house edge dice game, lotteries with low rakes like Keno and Bingo, slots, blackjack, video poker, binary trading platform, and something very unique found only at FortuneJack, the Anybet game. Play with peercoins at Fortunejack Casino