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In October 2012, a guy that calls himself Balthazar on the Internet, created the Novacoin, also known as NVC. This was yet another currency that was influenced by the other crypto-currencies created before it, but mostly from Bitcoin, the most successful crypto coin. Just like any other the Novacoin too offers anonymous gambling at online casinos and fast and secure transactions.

People had mixed feelings about this coin. Some said that the Novacoin was pre-mined in massive amounts in order to get its way in the market, while others didn’t believe that. Nevertheless, several years later, the Novacoin is still here and is offered by online casinos as a payment method.

The base code of this coin was the Peercoin code. By making adjustments to the code Balthazar created the Novacoin, a slightly different currency in nature. Today there are nearly 1 million novacoins in market circulation and in theory 2 billion coins can be mined should more coins be needed in the future.

Best Novacoin Casino

Introduction to Novacoin

The Novacoin is a sort of a hybrid of the Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work scrypts. Since it is an open source peer-to-peer crypto-currency no central authority can control it. It uses a slightly different emission model than the other alternative coins.

On longer terms, this coin offers much more energy efficient mining because it doesn’t require the same amounts of mining energy spent on other coins in order to sustain the network. For every single block the mining difficulty changes for a smooth difficulty transition and easier adaptation of miners.

The Novacoin client can be downloaded from the official website. By installing the client you get a Novacoin wallet in which your novacoins are stored. You can install it on Linux, Windows and Apple. The price for one Novacoin fluctuates with each day, so it would be wise to follow the rates regularly.

At the moment one Novacoin is sold for $0.68. A while back the Litecoin, which is considered that largest second crypto-currency next to Bitcoin had a smaller value than the Novacoin, but it is hard to predict which one will be worth more in the future. This unpredictability is what makes crypto-currencies exciting.

Casinos That Support Novacoin

Out of all the casinos that accept Novacoin, FortuneJack is probably the one that offers the best options for casino gaming. It is an exciting, but relatively new casino.


FortuneJack Casino is all about anonymous gambling. When you want to register with FortuneJack you don’t have to provide any personal information about yourself, because crypto transactions don’t require for its users to be identified in the conventional way as banks or other financial institutions would like to.

This casino features provably fair casino games and in-house live dealer games. All Novacoin transactions require just one confirmation and you are ready to play. As for the types of games, there is plenty to choose from: slots, card games, dice games, lottery games, betting games.

This crypto casino offers the same perks as conventional online casinos where standard money is used, such as a welcome bonus, prizes for playing the casino games, regular promotions, progressive jackpots, loyalty points and loyalty program etc. It is in every word a true online casino, only that you get the benefit of playing anonymously. Play now at