Namecoin Casino

Namecoin has some features that have made it one of the more desired currencies among casino players. It is a very advantageous solution for payments. Even though it is a new currency in the online gambling community, the Namecoin has been received positively among players.

Currently one namecoin is sold for around $0.48 and has a market cap of $5 million. The global supply of namecoins is pretty decent too compared to other digital currencies like the Darkcoin or Novacoin. In fact, the Namecoin is reaching its biggest price growth as you read this article, while many other alternative coins have had a significant price drop.

Like other digital currencies, Namecoin (NMC) has the same advantages. You don’t have to disclose any sensitive personal or financial information when registering at a gambling site that supports Namecoin. No institution has the power to seize your Namecoin funds and block your transactions, and you don’t have to wait for the transactions to be processed.

Best Namecoin Casino

Introduction to Namecoin

Namecoin is thought of as the first innovative open source decentralized digital currency mainly because it was first to implement a decentralized DNS (something like its own internet) and merged mining. Being an open source platform, everyone can contribute towards the improving of the code and can share the issues with the community.

It is the first fork of Bitcoin because it is based on the Bitcoin protocol and it doesn’t allow for any central authority to control the money. The creator of Namecoin has even managed to improve the Bitcoin protocol in the process and has added some features that Bitcoin doesn’t have. One of these improvements is the ability for data to be stored within a blockchain.

Namecoin has other potential uses, for example, issuance of shares/stocks, alias systems, domain name registration, notary/timestamp systems, personal namespaces, messaging systems, and identity systems.

This currecny too is limited to 21 million coins. If you want to gamble with namecoins, all you have to do is create a wallet and buy some namecoins. Besides buying them from other Namecoin owners, you can also mine them.

Casinos That Support Namecoin

There aren’t many Namecoin casinos like there are Bitcoin or even Litecoin casinos. Luckily, we have found a great online gambling site that supports Namecoin as payment method.


FortuneJack (read our full review here) is all about alternative coin gambling. It is the brainchild of several leading Eastern European land-based casino professionals and one that will soon revolutionize the alternative coin casino industry.

You need only one 1 confirmation in order for your account to be credited with namecoins. Some of the games are standard, like slots, blackjack, video poker, Double Action live roulette with 1200x chance and live SicBo, while others are common for crypto casinos like Dice with only one percent house edge. FortuneJack features several other games that can be found only there, like Anybet, Fortune Wheel and Fortune Slots.

The promotions department includes a loyalty club and there are also plenty of rewards given to competitive players that like to compete against other players via leaderboards. All in all, FortuneJack is packed with action. Check out the FortuneJack site here.