Dogecoin Casino

When you take a glimpse at the Dogecoin symbol, you get the feeling as if this virtual currency has started as a joke: a dog that stares at you in a funny way with the letter “D” over its face. But, this currency is not a joke at all, and it actually holds real value.

The truth is that the Dogecoin is a rapidly growing currency. At the moment the value of one dogecoin at the exchanges is very small, but no one can really predict when it’s going to become the next Bitcoin or even Litecoin, one of the more successful crypto-currencies.

The Dogecoin is one of the several successful alternative coins that are used for online gambling. It is very suitable for making very small transactions, which is the main advantage of virtual currencies. By using dollars your transaction amounts are limited, but by using dogecoins you can make transactions that are a fraction of a Dollar.

Best Dogecoin Casino

Introduction to Dogecoin

By definition the Dogecoin is “an open source digital currency” that is not and cannot be controlled by the government because it is decentralized. Like other crypto, digital currencies the Dogecoin too offers completely anonymous transactions and extreme safety.

In order to have dogecoins you need to have a digital wallet, which is stored on your computer, your smartphone, or it can even be stored on your website. To get dogecoins you have to buy them using traditional currencies like Dollars, Euros, and Sterling Pounds from online exchanges. But, be careful and pay attention to the changing exchange rate.

Getting started with Dogecoin is very easy. The procedure involves:

  • Getting a wallet, which you can do via the official Dogecoin website.
  • Getting some dogecoins via online exchanges, mining, getting tipped etc.
  • Using your dogecoins to buy things or to play online casino games.
  • Staying up-to-date by following the exchange rates in order to know when to buy or sell.

Approximately 5.256 billion dogecoins are scheduled to be mined each year. As of February, the estimates show that more than 98 billion have been mined so far. The Dogecoin is one of the most popular online tipping systems, something much like Reddcoin tipping.

Casino That Supports Dogecoin

The truth is that not many casinos support dogecoins. The majority of those that support them are mediocre dice game casinos that will get you bored in no time. Even if you try to look for Dogecoin casinos on Google you won’t have much luck. That is why we want to introduce to you a high quality crypto casino where you can put your dogecoins to use, and that is not just another Bitcoin casino.


FortuneJack Casino is not just a simple crypto-currency casino, it is a casino where players can use their dogecoins, bitcoins, peercoins, reddcoins, litecoins and other alternative coins to play genuine casino and live dealer games.

A wide range of traditional games and unusual ones are offered similar to other crypto casinos. The difference is that here they feature high quality graphics. As mentioned above, players can even play live dealer games that are hosted in-house and streamed in HD.

As any other online casino, FortuneJack too offers a welcome bonus, 100% match deposit on your first deposit at the casino using dogecoins. There is a loyalty program too where players are rewarded for their time spent playing the games, and there is an active promotions department that issues regular bonuses to regular players. Visit