Darkcoin (Dash) Casino

Why do people choose to trade or play online casino games using crypto-currencies when they can use real-life money? It’s because crypto-currencies offer many advantages that traditional currencies are unable to, and one of them is the Darkcoin currency. Darkcoin has gone through a rebranding process and is now called Dash. Continue reading to learn more about Dash casino options.

The main disadvantage of real-life money, even when used for online purchases stems from the fact that they are strictly controlled. In the end you are left with more costs than you bargained for. Darkcoin enable you exactly the opposite of that. It offers privacy.

This is mostly because nobody can track your transactions and charge you with taxes. Payments are instant, anonymous, privacy centric and don’t require processing. Moreover, they are secure and encrypted, and you can use them globally without restrictions.

No country has authority over them. In other words, you are the boss of your own money and not your government with its laws. The fees for these transactions are extremely lower compared to fees charged by banks, and they do not go into anyone’s wallet.

Best Darkcoin Casino

Introduction to Darkcoin

The Darkcoin currency (labeled as DRK) is a digital currency based on the much more popular Bitcoin software. The concept is the same: you are allowed to use your money anonymously and freely. This currency was introduced in February 2014, and has yet to achieve the Litecoin price for example one of the more popular digital currencies.

Each Darkcoin transaction is visible in the block chain where they are verified, but under complete anonymity and without the possibility for the transaction to be traced back to you. All transactions happen on servers known as Masternodes, which are part of a decentralized network.

In terms of legality this currency is supposed to be legal because no government has recognized it so far just like in the case of the Bitcoin. In fact, it isn’t legal or illegal. However, this may change in the future as countries start seeing it’s potential.

The latest Darkcoin wallet can be downloaded from the official website and in just couple of minutes you can start using darkcoins to play casino games. You can send darkcoins anywhere in the world with instant transactions. The transactions are encrypted in order for maximum security to be achieved.

Casino That Supports Darkcoin

Darkcoins are still not supported by many crypto casinos, but fortunately there is one that supports Darkcoin deposits along with 7 other crypto currencies.


FortuneJack was launched in 2014 and has the potential to become one of the leading online casinos that accepts digital currencies. It is a Provably Fair casino where you can play Dice, Blackjack, Slots, the unique Fortune Wheel game, Video Poker, Fortune Slots, Bingo, Keno and even two live dealer games using darkcoins.

In order to create a FortuneJack casino account you just have to pick a username and a password. You can also add a security question for maximum safety. Depositing and withdrawing darkcoins from your casino account is instant and without any fees. You can make a minimum withdrawal of 0.0001 BTC equivalent to DRK according to the current exchange rate.

New players at FortuneJack get a 100% match deposit bonus on their first deposit. You need to wager the bonus 30 times before you can withdraw the winnings generated from playing with it. In addition, you will be automatically entered in FortuneJack’s loyalty program where prizes await.

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