Clam Altcoin Casino

Day by day the crypto-currency sector seems to become overpopulated with virtual currencies, and one of those currencies that appeared recently is Clam (or CLAM). With its steady growth since it was introduced, this alternative coin has managed to grab the attention of crypto owners that like to use their coins to play gambling games.

The CLAM is rising smoothly and is non-volatile. The flux of investments seems to be uninterrupted ever since the day of the appearance of this currency. In just over a month the market cap was increased to $1 million from $800,000. This has also caused for its price to jump significantly.

The best thing in all of this is that manipulations seem to be absent. For the time being, the Clam currency seems to be much more stable than the majority of other currencies, and that has been a big problem in the crypto-currency sector.

Each new currency that appears is sort of like a rebranded Bitcoin currency. Even though the technology used to create the Clam is the original Bitcoin technology, Clam developers claim that the CLAM is unique and innovative variation of the original Bitcoin code.

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Introduction to Clam

The Clam appeared online when its developers began to send CLAM tokens to millions of unique Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin addresses. These addresses were taken from Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin blockchains, and in the end these crypto owners became owners of a brand new coin that currently seems to be very promising.

It was a smart way to introduce the currency by offering it publicly. In the end, those whose addresses were pulled for this stunt received around 4.000 CLAMS, and they may even not know it yet. The more CLAM users appear, the stronger the currency becomes.

In the meantime, a peer-to-peer network was developed. This network has computer interconnected among them and runs on native software with the sole purpose of verifying the creation and transference of the CLAMS in an independent and collaborative manner.

This currency is actually a PoS (Proof-of-Stake) currency. It is used for random rewarding of the users that are active in the network. Once per 1 minute one unlocked client is selected, which then receives 1 CLAM. The reason why the CLAM has been listed on crypto-currency exchanges is because it is “clean”. This is what its users claim.

Casinos That Support Clam

Even though the Clam is a very new currency, and it is very hard to find a casino that supports it, there is one casino that has embraced it openly as well as 7 other crypto currencies. That casino is called FortuneJack.


This is a provably fair crypto casino where many major alternative coins can be used among which the CLAM currency. The debut of this casino was in 2014 and behind it are experienced European casino professionals that have been in the business for more than twenty years. You can read our full FortuneJack Casino review here.

Registering for an account is faster than with any other online casino. Just choose a user name and password. Total anonymity is guaranteed, and no personal information will be requested from you. Make your first deposit and receive a welcome bonus up to 1 BTC (or the amount equivalent to CLAM).

The number of slots at this casino is pretty impressive. There are more than 170 and many of them have a 2% house edge. The live roulette game is called Double Action Roulette and is operated in-house with beautiful female croupiers. Overall, the game variety will satisfy any player’s taste for casino games. Visit FortuneJack